Elias Daher

Elias Daher - Founder and Owner of 24 Hours Wireless in Florida

Elias Daher immigrated to the United States as a 22-year-old with only $300 to help him start his new life. He subsequently enrolled at Florida Atlantic University, where he began studying electrical engineering. After five years of schooling, Elias Daher suspended his studies to assist his family in his home country and focus on his business endeavors.

He entered the business scene independently and went on to establish 24 Hours Wireless in 2003, since which he has continued to serve as the CEO of this Miami, Florida-based cell phone and electronics wholeseller. Over the course of his decades-long career, Mr. Daher has developed an in-depth understanding of the communications market. He enjoys the ever-changing nature of his field and takes pride in ensuring that he and his employees stay current on the latest phones, tablets, and other devices in order to best serve customers.

Elias Daher’s accomplishments as a business owner resulted in his recognition as the 2017 Minority Entrepreneur of the Year. A businessperson of Lebanese descent, he stays connected to his culture as a member of the American Task Force on Lebanon and Our Lady of Lebanon Miami Church.


Elias Daher
Miami, FL US